Wendy Maybury and Dan Mogol

Thu, Oct 19, 2017
Fri, Oct 20, 2017

Wendy Maybury and Dan Mogol


Wendy's report cards always said, "Wendy shares too much with her neighbors. She needs to stay in her seat, Wendy disrupts the class." What they should have said was, "Wendy would be an awesome comedian!"

Wendy loves to make people laugh by entertaining them with stories about her crazy Southern family and life's little embarrassments.


At the age of 5, Dan Mogol learned what stand-up comedy is and dreamed of being stage one day. Dan made his stand-up debut in Los Angeles at The World Famous Comedy Store on the Sunset Strip.

In his first year of doing stand up, Dan was a Semifinalist in the 2010 Acme Comedy Company- Twin Cities Funniest Person Contest. Four years later he became Runner Up in the 2014 House of Comedy- Funniest Person With a Day Job Contest. Dan has become known throughout the Midwest for his incorporation of masterful impressions, skillful writing and captivating stage presence. As a lover of food, drink and the outdoors, Dan truly is a Minnesota sweetheart. One of the many things people can take away from his act is just how relatable he is. Dan has taken his talents to other realms including radio, TV commercials, acting, and sketch comedy, making him a force to be reckoned with in the world of comedy.

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