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May 8, 2008  Star Tribune, by columnist Tom Horgen

Nightlife: Laughing all the way to Bloomington

Published May 2, 2008

By Jeff Wheeler, Star Tribune

Nancy Olson, left, and Jean McCahey cracked up during John Knight's routine at the Joke Joint Friday night.

The Haunted Comedy Club

Article and Photos by Mike Brody


Photo: Tom Wallace, Star Tribune

Local comic Wendy Maybury warms up the crowd on stage at the Lilydale Joke Joint show.

A ghost town no longer

A former Wild West saloon is now a comedy club. They didn't get rid of all the ghosts, though.

Houston Comedy Scene Bounces Back: The Comedy Showcase to Reopen with New Owners

Three partners, Rachel Wegscheid, and Becky and Ken Reed, owners of the Joke Joint Comedy Club in St. Paul, Minnesota, acquired the state’s longest-running club from it’s previous owners, Danny Martinez and his wife Blanca Gutierrez.

Expect  the club to revive the Texas tradition of great local acts, along with new faces and many nationally-touring performers that are new to this market.  The club will remain in its current location, with many of its existing, great staff.

About the Joke Joint and it’s Owners

The Joke Joint Comedy Club opened in Minnesota in 2007.  Since opening, the venue has hosted live comedy recordings for Alycia Wood and Paul Hooper by Grammy-award winning Stand Up! Records.  Other artists to perform at the Joke Joint Comedy Club are Rob Delaney, Rory Scovel, Jackie Kashian, Dave Mordal, Karen Rontowski, Mary Mack,Ryan Singer, Jon Wilson, and Darryl Lenox.

Founded by Ken And Becky Reed, the club’s ownership grew this past year to include their former general manager, Rachel Wegscheid.

Becky (Hottmann) Reed grew up in Houston, and was visiting family when she discovered that the Comedy Showcase was closing its doors in late March.  Two weeks later, her husband, Ken, and business partner Rachel, were in Houston to talk to the club’s retiring owners and former staff of the Showcase.

Ken Reed, a comedian, started performing in 1993, in Tampa, Florida. 

Rachel Wegscheid has been a long-time comedy fan, and opened her own room, called the Tangerine Room, in the Twin Cities.  She joined the Reeds to help acquire and run the Showcase.

The new owners plan regular shows at least three nights per week, with an additional Open Mic night, which will be preceded by a free comedy workshop where new and seasoned comedians get together to help each other get started, developing their material, style and craft.  Think you’re funny?  Plan to attend the workshop...

Comedy Defensive Driving will also continue at the club.