The Joke Joint is going CAMPing!

Before you pack the sleeping bags and S’more supplies we mean we are joining forces with Camp Bar in St. Paul to continue offering amazing comics from across the country.

We are so pleased to be able to get our customers laughing again. Hooray!

New Location: Don’t freak out because Camp Bar is in St. Paul – It’s easy to find from our old spot. It’s straight north on 35E only a few blocks from the exit off the highway. Detailed directions are HERE

Parking: Loads of parking is available within a block or less of the door. It’s paid parking, but we will be offering ticket discounts regularly to help with that. Speaking of discounts, if you use the Promo Code: CAMPING you’ll get $3 off each of your tickets (and for two people that will be more than enough to cover your parking.)

Food & Drinks: BONUS! – Camp has a beautiful bar separate from the showroom, so you can come early and have a drink and better yet, they offer real food from Keys Café and Sawatdee Thai as well as Heggie’s pizza and burgers from their own kitchen. PS. If you’d like to eat you can do that either before or after the show (no food service in showroom). Drinks are still served throughout the performance

The combination of Joke Joint and Camp Bar is now a perfect one stop evening for socializing, food, drinks and laughs - We believe you will enjoy this new comedy collaboration!

Tommy Thompson, headlines/Shelly Paul, featuring
February 22 - February 23
Gabriel Rutledge, headlines/Courtney Baka, featuring
March 01 - March 02
Colleen Justice, headlines/Tim Flanagan, featuring
March 15 - March 16
Ali Sultan, headlines/Kate Anderson, featuring
March 22 - March 23
Saurin Choksi, headlines/David Drake, featuring
March 29 - March 30